winter 2012 newsletter

Dear Horse Friends,

The last school holiday camp was well attended and congrats to all, there was some very good riding, lots of improvement and the beginners really caught on well. We are all so proud of you.

Ryan and Zara now have their own horses and find they are learning a lot from them. Ryan's horse is a chestnut arab called 'Toby' and Zara has bought 'Marbles' from Abbey. We wish them the long and happy relationships.

Valhalla has become colourful - the cavalettis are all painted in all colours of the rainbow and there is a rather different jumping course set up in the gymkhana paddock. Lots of rules apply to the use of it.

There is massive work going on with the excavator to remedy the drainage problems in the top end of the indoor arena, also a new catching paddock is on the way. Some of us have been exploring on trail rides to make some new tracks for rides - its always been more fun.

Rani has sadly gone to doggie heaven, but she has had a good life. Marge has gone away for some training and Pretty Boy Flloyd is going well with Carly and Sam and starting to attend pony club.

Bring dad for a ride, some archery or canoeing for Father's Day;

- Dad with 1 child participating is half price, Dad free with two kids :)

The next school holiday camp dates are:  Sunday 23rd Sept - Friday 28th Sept (arrive between 4-5pm)

Monday 1st October - Saturday 6th October (arrive between 4-5pm)

There is a long weekend in the middle - thus the later start on second week.

Hoping to see you all soon, yours with a whinny.....   all the horses at Valhalla !