October 2011

Dear horsey friends,

 Another busy horse camp finished and lots of lovely kids who all mingled well, worked hard and had lots of fun and as a bonus , slept all nigh and let us sleep too, We are happy to welcome the new Valhallians and of course lobe to have our regulars back.

We are very sad to lose Blondie, whose owner now feels she has enough time to ride her and will have a good home at Shoalhaven Heads. She will be sadly missed by many as she's a favourite among many.

Trinket and Mary have retired to 80 acres in Parma road, to a family with a little girl to have a few rides on and to learn to ride. Trinket was very suprised to see sheep ( probably for the first time in her life) and finds a need to get a bit snorty about it. Monty has *finally* earned retirement also and is looking for a good home as a companion horse as he has some arthritis in his back. He has given good service , has overcome SEVERAL injuries over the years, and taught many people how to ride.

We all have known what a character Gizmo is, and he showed us just how much of a little $%!T he can be, while some of the horses were getting shoes on and hooves trimmed, Gizmo , not wanting to miss out on anything, walked up on the decking and reached over on top of the lockers and knocked down some horse shoes, horse nails and a few rasps, thinking he would do it himself.

Sad as we are to be losing so many of our faithful horses, it is exciting to be on the look out for new ones to add to the Valhalla family.

Sugar did her first camp these holidays with little Zara riding her, she did an excellent job and is really shaping up to be a useful member of this family.

Telsar started to do his first camp but unfortunately became lame and not finished the entire week.

Comet also competed in the Interschools horse event and went extremely well for *him* .

The new building is finally being finished painted today and soon to be set up has the headquarters for the laser tag and paintball, thats one more step further in the scheme of things.

The New toilet block is there and soon to be set up and useable in the near future, so everyone should say a final goodbye to "Ye Olde Aussie Dunny' which will be sorely missed *yea right* . 

The rain has been well accommodating,  only minor interference with camps, the gymkhana on the last week had to be moved indoors.

The next camps will be $750 p.w (those who book and deposit before the end of Nov. will remain $700) 

Dates are:     8th - 13th January

                   15th -20th  "" 

                   22nd - 27th "" 

Hope to see you all there and waiting to have fun, yours with a whinny all the horses at Valhalla