July Newsletter 2011

Dear Horsey friends,

                           Weren't we just so luck with the weather during the holiday camps, it was wild winds the week before and now its pouring down rain. We had a great camp everyone was really considerate and let us sleep at night and all got on well with one another. Lots of riding skills improved - it is very satisfying to see how the beginners advance, and the more experienced group managed to fit in some jumping lessons with Barbara.

Horse soccer was quite a hit, some horses are better at it than others - go Zara and Quandi!!! K.B is snorty about it, which makes is more of a challenge for the rider.

The 2hr track has been getting so washed out lately that we thought it was a good time to make a new one. The new track is far better of a walk through, more scenic and winds its way down the creek and around trees and is much more of a joyful experience. Once again its time to clear more tracks and possible make a few more when the rain dies down. 

We're also going to concentrate on getting the laser tag completed soon, its just so had to find the time to do all that work while others things need doing as well, like fencing, rides, lessons and endless harrowing.

Looking forward to seeing most of you at the next camps which will be :

Sunday 25th Sept. - Friday 30th 

Sunday 2nd Oct. - Friday 7th

Which will all be before the labor day long weekend which is on the following Monday. 

Also Bring Dad for Father's day in early September - remember Dad rides free if 2 kids are riding, or 1/2 price if one is, or if riding isn't his thing then why not try archery.

Looking forward to seeing you all - whether its for camps, rides or lessons, or possibly even laser tag.

Yours with a whinny, 

                          All the horses and people at Valhalla