Easter Holidays 2011

Dear Horsey friends

All things are happening around here, The laser Skirmish is getting closer to becoming starting and, not only that, but Paint Ball also is on the agenda. These will be conducted well away from the hose activities and should be lots of fun. One thing that will change before this is happens is a new toilet block up by the yards - i think everyone will appreciate this. 

The Saturday morning horse-riding lessons are getting more and more popular and due to interest shown we will be doing adult lessons on Saturday afternoons or maybe a day during the week. Private lessons still available by arrangement.

 There are some people interested in doing a camp out ride sometime in the next few months - let us know if you want to do it as well to make up the numbers and make it more fun.

Major fertilizing has been underway these last couple of weeks and the rain has come and is helping wash the fertilizer in. There is also some spots still left in agistment if your interested. ( $50 p.w)

We are pleased to welcome two new horses to our ranks, another cute little gray pony named  Sugar ( thanks Kiera and Courtney + Mum for that nice suggestion) and a Clydesdale mare named Marge ( Cathy and Nathaniel named her before we got home and it seems to of stuck, she looks like Homer).

School holiday camps went well and as usual well supported. Lots of happy little Valhallians and all did very well, lovely clean yards and much improvement in riding skills. Comet has his first camp ridden very capably by Emma. Congratulations to Emma ( he wasn't easy ). Jo also rode a first time camp horse for us - Belle - and had to work extra hard to get her into a willing mode. Well done both of you.

The horses are learning a new game - horse soccer. The kids in the 2nd week had lots of fun teaching the horses how to play after we spent a bit of time familiarising them to the exercise ball.

Looking at the gymkhana results everyone did ever so well _ from tiny Jamie and Gabby ( Jamie coming all the way from Melbourne) to our oh so lovely regulars. We love to see all of you and looking forward to seeing you again.

Next Camp Dates are:

3rd - 8th July

10th - 15th July

Still $700.

Have a great school term, see you soon.

Yours with a whinny, all the horses (and people) at Valhalla.