Summer 2011

Dear horsey friends,

 What a week this is - its so exciting, Phantom and the Tweedles ( 2 new ponies) and Mick's 3 race horses babies are all being broken in. These 3 guys are doing an amazing job - what used to take me at least 6 weeks they are doing it in a week, they were already on them before lunch on the first day!. Jess got to do the sitting on the little ponies because they were a bit small for the guys. Today they've been cracking stockwhips while on their backs. Phantom is a little overwhelmed by it all, but learning alot.

The camps were as usual, busy and fun, everyone did a very good job, the yards were immaculate & riding skills all improved considerably. We want to welcome all the new Valhallians & and a hello to all those familiar faces. Speaking of familiar faces, we have recently caught up with several of our ex camp kids from years back, Veronica and Jo-anne at Lynette's wedding, Mog came down to the cabins for a visit, we love to see you all, its like having an extended family.

The wedding was absolutely beautiful - we are excited for Lynette and Paul, they are so happy and are currently on a honeymoon in Canada, going from a heat-wave to the snow! hope they're having a wonderful time.

We are having the best season ever, the horses can't eat the grass fast enough, we are having to slash constantly so the new tractor is getting loads of work, which we have named 'Big Red', the little tractor 'Rudolph' is being fixed and repainted to look good. The kangaroo fence is back on schedule, work had to be halted due to the busy holidays. 

There is a camp out ride coming up in early march, unfortunately it is currently booked out, but if your interested we can organise another one and maybe have it as a regular thing (maybe once a month or something) but we need a few numbers to make it worth while.

We can also offer a weekend kids camp throughout the school term (excluding long weekends and public holidays) but we need at least 6 participants for the weekend to go ahead, so if your interested please let us know as soon as you can.

Everyone knows about lessons on Saturday mornings right???, we are also looking into starting adult group lessons once a week for those adults who are keen to learn to ride ( so tell your parents :) )

The next camps will be from the 10th - 15th (1st week)

                                              17th - 22nd (2nd week) 

                             price is still $700 pw

Lastly we have some very bad news to impart. We have had to say goodbye to our dear friends Juliette and Smokey. Cry Julie had a sudden debilitating illness, and Smokey's death was due to old age, they both had a good innings though - lived over 36 years . They were both loved deeply and will be sorely missed.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon, yours with a whinny, the horses at Valhalla.