Winter Newsletter

Dear horsey friends

Sorry we missed last newsletter, we have been so busy doing stuff (learning to ski was one of them!) that we didn't get round to writing one up.

Those who love to see our 'famous' horses should go out and grab a copy of the November issue of Dolly magazine in which Blondie is starring in, at the beach with a model. Also there are photos taken inside our converted bus, and up in the tyre swing up in one of the agistment paddocks.These photos were taken in the middle of the winter school holidays, when lucky Gyarn had Blondie for the week, imagine how cold it was for the model on that cold 7am morning at the beach, but our Blondie stayed cool, calmed and collected and behaved extremely well. Since then she has also starred at the beach in some ads for designer beach towels and wedding attire (all of which we were told could be found on a website - apparently).

The holiday camps were very full, with waiting lists for each week, and everyone did ever so well. The first week saw many of our regulars who knew the routine, while the second week we saw a lot of new faces, which is good news and we are proud to see the progress each person has made, even the regulars improving.

We hope to have Laser Skirmish up and running within 2 months, which is very exciting for all participating, and is likely to become a lunch time activity for the camp kids. This has been a long thought of activity, with many hiccups along the way but is well worth the effort put in, and as fun as it might sound, NO it will not be played on horseback.

In the first week of the holidays, as many of you already know, we lost a horse. Xena came down with a really severe case of colic near the start of the week, but miraculously recovered from the worst of it but sadly, after all that effort, lost her life in a freak accident while still weak from colic. She will be sadly missed, but at least we still have her son "Phantom" to remember her bye. ~~~ RIP Xena ~~~~~

The next camps will be from the:  2nd - 7th   January

                                                9th - 14th  January

                                                16th - 21st January

and prices will be going up to $700 (but if you book in before 30th November you will only have to pay the old price of $650). Some places have already been filled for the upcoming camp, so get in early if you want to come.

Have a great last term of school and a very Merry Xmas, and we hope to see lots of you soon, either at the next camp, lessons or just a fun trial ride.

Yours with a whinny,

                           All the horses at Valhalla.