Dear horsey friends.

Another very busy holiday period behind us. What a joy it was to see the new horses joining in the fun & games in the camps and having such a good time.

Huggie had arrived with a nasty wound on his leg which was on the road to recovery thanks to lots of T.L.C from our good friends Sylvia and Elaine at Foxground. He had a lovely camp with Emma the 1st week and Helena the 2nd week and has fitted in beautifully.

 He has a scar on his leg now and no ill effects. Juliette had always been a helper’s horse and was most excited about joining in with the camps. She had lots of fun with Madeleine in the 2nd week. She sure thinks she is a young thing.

Dave or ‘Bluey’ from across the creek was ridden mostly by Sam and is such a quiet well behaved horse. He also had an outing at pony club camp and shows potential for jumping.

Little comet at long last is a success story. It’s not easy to train a horse that had such a late start – 9 years old before having anyone on his back. There were a few minor set-backs along the way but thanks to all who worked with him – Craig and Nathaniel, Jamie and Gordy over at Shoalhaven Heads, then Rachel taking over his riding when he got back – he is now working very well. Sam and Rachel also took him to the pony club camp and he was most impressive. Thank you Rachel and everyone for all your work.

We are delighted to say that Pocahontas has found a new home at Woodhill as a companion horse and we do hope she enjoys he new life and friend out there, as well as lots of the grass out there.

We are happy to have lots of our regular Valhallians to stay and also like to welcome lots of new faces. Everyone did ever so well with the horses and riding – also were all very considerate and allowed us to sleep at night! We are always very grateful for that! Each group was a pleasure.

The next camp with be:-

4th-8th july (this week is missing a day will get the correct ones up on monday sorry )

11th-16th july

and is still $650 p.w.  It’s best to book as soon as possible to make sure we can fit you in.

We also have trial rides and lessons throughout the year between the school holidays.


Looking forward to seeing you all again soon


Yours with a whinny,

                                All the horses (and people) at Valhalla