Newsletter summer 2010

Dear horsey friends

Once again a busy happy holiday period which has just flown by.Happy hello's to all our new faces and previous friends. Some of our new friends want to have a word obout thier impressions. Here goes!!

Hello my name is lady jane . i am a flea-bitten grey thoroughbred mare.I used to be a racehorse ,then I spent some time having foals who will then become race horses. now I am a Valhalla horse and i must say i am enjoying my new life. It has only been a couple of months and i have settled in very well,doing interesting trail rides and then being a camp horse during the school holidays. Well that was interesting-I had a lovely rider called Kristi-lee and had lessons,played cowboys and indians and did weird things like helping Kristi-lee get donuts hanging on a string!!!!How very odd,but much more interesting than being a brood mare.hope to see you all again. My little friend Blondie wants to have a word.

Well hello everyone my new name is Blondie. I actually used to be a jessice but there are so many Jess's here that i have aquired a nickname (it suits me too as i am so beautiful). Years ago when I was much younger I spent a week atr valhalla with my friend Tara. It is good to be back into the swing of thingsd with my lovely rider Madelein. We made a great team even if I say so myself. There are many different horses here since I first came but I have made friends and settled in well. I remember some like Foxey,Smokey,Montey and Solomon.Xena is new to me -she has had a foal who is now one year old and she is getting back into work again with lots of enthusiasm. Another new friend is Comet who would like to say hello.

Hi, my name is Comet. I spent the first 9 years of my life in fredom with no-one on my back or telling me what to do.s you can imagine it has come as a shock to me to actually do some work like my friends and it was scarey for me at first. I am starting to enjoy it but am still very nervous when my rider first mounts and she has to take it very slowly. Racheal is giving me an hours work every day and we are becoming good mates I am learning to trust her.

It was nice to have Catalina over from Chillie to help with the camps as work experience. She used to come to Valhalla camps as a girl and now she is 21 but doesnt seem to have changed one bit. she was very helpful and lively as ever-and she did some lovely drawings of horses for us to treasure.

Next camps are

5th till 10th April

12th til 17th April


This will be the LAST newsletter posted out. In future we will bow to modern technology and use email. So if you want to hear from us please send in your email address or you can check our website

Yours with a whinny

All the horses at Valhalla