Dear Horsey Friends
What a very busy and exciting (not to mention,hot )Xmas holiday period it has been. The holiday camps were very full. We also tried something new for the first time ever-Pap and Garry escaped in the middle week of holiday camps for a much needed R&R camping by a riverin the mountains and came back refreshed for the last week. The staff carried on famously with Racheal becoming camp mother for the week and did excellently. Craig S coped capably with most of the phone calls and organising and Jess did a brilliant job of carrying on the tradition of Bomb Alaska on the last night. Not to mention Pete and Craig j, doing the hay rides and Pete the BBQ. Our heart felt thanks to them and all our staff for the whole effort- we are most grateful
. The only thing is they got to see the big event of Xena's foal being born and we missed out

Tanya and Vikki were able midwives assisting the mare when she couldnt manage and the results was the cutest little foal you could ever imagine. He looks to be palomino colouring but because of his blue eyes it would appear as if he is cremello. After many suggestions and much discussion his name has become Phantom (for some time we thought it might be a phantom pregnacy )(. thanks to nathaniel aslso sent photos of the birth to our mobile phone - we were so excited
. Everyone in the camps did a good effort especially considering the heat during the holidays . We were happy to have a lot of repeat customers visitors and also a lot of new Valhallians. Indiana had her firse camp and went very well Jess did her duty by introducing her to the in the first week many thanks Jess.
We are planning a day ride on the 22nd March
.Also lessons every saturday morning and trail rides. We are starting a new thing 1/2 hour mini lessons for littlies under 7, at 9.30 Saturdays before the other lessons.
Next holiday camps are following easter
Monday 13th April to Saturday 18th april
Monday 20th April to Saturday 25th april
(because of public holidays we are starting a day late and finishing a day late)
We have two new friends on trial - Lord Bowen (a big grey) and Fancy Pants- an appaloosa mare about 14.1 hands. They both come with injuries which we have been treating and its time to start riding them. They seem really quietand lovely. hmmmmm some dont agree with that and Cathy has the bruises to show.
Keep a look out for a mini series later in the year called First war of the west some scenes were shot here and if you look closely you can see some valhalla staff in the movie although dressed a bit different Not often we get to see Papa in anything but shorts Looking forward to seeing you all next holidays if not before
Yours with a whinney
All the people and horses at Valhalla